Scrape-A-Round 2, copy cats and knock offs.

Posted by Galen Merrell on Nov 30th 2018


Hello Scraper People,

 I'll tell you how this all started. A couple of decades ago we had a bad winter in the Utah mountains and the stores were empty of ice scrapers and snow shovels. On a dark frozen morning I used my wife's spatula to scrape ice from my car (not a good idea). On numerous occasions that winter I used various items from the kitchen and garage, by spring it was clear that a round item was best and a softer plastic worked better than a hard plastic, so over the next two years I tested different shapes and plastics and Scrape-A- Round is the result. We secured a patent, mortgaged the house, built the mold and started production. For the next decade and a half we knocked our heads against the wall trying to get Scrape-A-round into stores and introduced to the public.

 It worked, here you are.

Now that Scrape-A-Round is known, it is natural that copy cats and knock offs will follow. Some have clever names, others have silly names, like "scraper cone" . With the exception of "Miracle Scraper" (which has a good product) all the rest come with a warning, They are not made in the USA with our formulated plastic, resulting in cracked and broken scrapers. 

I've enjoyed visiting with you, be safe out there.