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This is the original Scrape-A-Round sold by the Original Scrape-A-Round inventor. Designed in the USA and made in the USA, don’t be fooled by the cheap foreign knock-offs. And why should you? This original Scrape-A-Round car windshield ice scraper costs less here. This is where to buy this miracle scraper. No need for Scrape-A-Round coupon codes or paying too much. Because we manufacture these miracle scrapers right here, you save money.

Scrape-A-Round reviews, miracle ice scraper reviews and cone shaped ice scraper reviews are plentiful all over the web. You’ll find that most of the cone shaped ice scraper reviews are from our original Scrape-A-Round customers that have been buying the original Scrape-A-Round for decades.

Imitators refer to our original Scrape-A-Round in their advertising as the Magic Ice Scraper. That’s a good description. It acts like a magic ice scraper. They call it a cone shaped ice scraper. That’s true too. And others call it the miracle ice scraper. That’s what we thought the first time we used it.

We appreciate all those who complement us by imitating the original. So whether you call it a Scrapearound, a Scrape-A-Round, a Miracle Scraper, a Cone Shaped Windshield Ice Scraper, or just a relief from the challenges of cleaning off a frozen windshield, this is where to buy Scrape-A-Round. – THE BEST WINDSHIELD ICE SCRAPER – It’s even better than the Swedish Ice scraper that tries to compete.

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